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We open, move, service, and repair all brands of safes & vault doors, and occasionally have used safes for sale. We can upgrade mechanical locks to electronic or vice-versa. Combination changes are no problem.
• Safe manufacturers seeking warranty repair or delivery & bolt down for a customer?
Yes, we offer delivery, bolt-down, and setup service within a reasonable radius of our shop (basically as far as you’re willing to pay us to drive at $2.50/mi). Our previous (and current) customers include Cannon, Mesa, Amsec, Stratton, Fireking, and probably a few others I’ve forgotten. I’m an NSO member with the proper equipment and training to open & repair most anything even if it has glass relockers, and we have a vast array of moving equipment including appliance dollies, stair climbing trucks, pallet jacks, and 8k roll & lift dollies. We do have a 2k liftgate van for delivery and can contract trucks for heavier units. Drill points are always appreciated but simply knowing the lock brand, model, handing, and expected barrier material are helpful. Any information you give me that saves me time will save you money.
• I’ve lost the combo to my safe. Can you open it? How much does this cost?
Yes. Cost varies wildly but an open, repair, and lock replacement on a typical gun safe with a commercial style lock (the most common request we get) is around $400, within 10 miles and during regular business hours. Price includes a new digital lock (Lagard Basic II if you’re curious). Mechanical locks are available but are similar in price.
Antique safes (i.e. anything more than about 40 years old): we typically do not replace the locks on these with electronic (very labor intensive and mounting pads may need to fabricated), nor do we recommend spending any serious money on one as the cost/benefit is almost never in your favor. Yes, I know it’s really cool to look at and I’m sure you think it’s as tough as Fort Knox but it’s really just a big chunk of steel and plaster that will be fun to move and even more fun to  dispose of when you’re sick of it. So probably not a good idea to go crazy bidding on that huge 100 year old locked safe at auction. Odds are it only has a paperclip and rubber band inside so no, we won’t open it for your offer to split the contents.
• Can you open a safe with a stethoscope, like they do on TV?
Safe manipulation is, indeed, a real method of opening a locked safe with a mechanical lock, but requires a good deal of practice and patience. And we’ve ditched the stethoscopes in favor of purpose-built electronic amplifiers.
• Can you upgrade my mechanical lock to electronic (or vice versa)?
Yes. It may not always be cost effective (see note above about antique safes) but it’s possible.
For estimates on safe opening and repair we recommend you email photos, including an overall picture of the door, a detail of the dial or keypad, and any manufacturer’s tags or serial numbers if visible.
• I have a sentry safe that needs opening/repair/service. Can you help?
Yes, but so can Sentry customer service ( We can retrieve a lost combo to a Sentry container same day with serial number for $50. We can generate replacement keys for “most” Sentry containers on the spot.
In most cases we consider Sentry products disposable if damaged, as parts are only available from Sentry. Still, if you need it open today, call us.
• Can you copy a safe deposit box key? Can you drill open my safe deposit box if I’ve lost the key?
Generally these services are provided through your bank. We do not copy safe deposit box keys for ethical reasons (the banks have asked us not to as they have an expectation that only if 2 keys were issued and 2 keys are returned, the box can be rented again without rekeying. If a copy is made without the bank’s knowledge, this is no longer true). If your bank has no provider for this service and you’d like to recommend us, please do.
Banks: yes, we can drill (or often pick) open your safe deposit boxes, as well as provide service for any of your cash vaults, vault doors, undercounter teller equipment, office furniture locks, night deposits, etc. Call or email us.
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