Emergency Service


Like most locksmith companies, I do offer emergency service. Unlike most locksmith companies, I’ll be candid and tell you I’d much rather see you during working hours, even if that means I can’t charge you as much.
Still, emergencies happen, so if you drop your keys in the lake at 6 p.m. on a Friday, or someone pries open the door to your storefront at 2 a.m., I can probably  help.
I’m a one-man show.  I have a life, family, responsibilities, and hobbies outside of work that sometimes keeps me away from my phone, so you may get voicemail if you call. Be patient, I do return calls once I’m able. Text messages are always appreciated as I can respond to them and get critical information (your name, phone number, and address) without having to scramble to find pen and paper. 
I do charge a 25% premium over our normal rates for after-hours service, and the minimum charge for any service outside of our normal hours is $200. Yes, even for unlock service.
I can recommend the following companies for after-hours service in our area if you’d rather not spend $200 getting your Ford Ranger unlocked at at 5:30 pm:
For auto unlocks (Quickkey can also replace lost keys):
-Moneymaker’s Wrecker Service (Lenoir City)
-Quickkey (Farragut)
-Bivens Wrecker Service (Loudon)
Residential/commercial unlocks or locksmith service:
-J&V Lock & Key (Loudon)
-Delta Locksmith (Knoxville)
Lock Medic

123 W. Broadway St.
Lenoir City, Tn 37771

M-F 8:30am to 5pm
Emergency number: 865-986-0020