Emergency Service


Like most locksmith companies, we do offer emergency service. Unlike most locksmith companies, We’ll be candid and tell you we’d much rather see you during working hours, even if that means we can’t charge you as much.
Still, emergencies happen, so if you drop your keys in the lake at 6 p.m. on a Friday, or someone pries open the door to your storefront at 2 a.m., we can probably  help.
We only have one field tech (who happens to be the same guy writing this section), who has a life, family, responsibilities, and hobbies outside of work that he very much enjoys and sometimes even does deplorable stuff that takes him away from his cell phone, like mowing the lawn, going swimming, getting in an airplane, or just catching a movie for a couple of hours, so you may get voicemail.
With that in mind, if you need me, call me, but be patient if you get my voicemail. If nothing else I will call you back to discuss your options.
We do charge a 25% premium over our normal rates for after-hours service, and the minimum charge for any service outside of our normal hours is $150. Yes, even for unlock service.
We can recommend the following companies for after-hours service in our area if you’d rather not spend $150 getting your Ford Ranger unlocked at Walmart at 5:30 pm:
For auto unlocks (Quickkey can also replace lost keys):
-Moneymaker’s Wrecker Service (Lenoir City)
-Quickkey (Farragut)
-Bivens Wrecker Service (Loudon)
Residential/commercial unlocks or locksmith service:
-J&V Lock & Key (Loudon)
-Delta Locksmith (Knoxville)


Lock Medic

123 W. Broadway St.
Lenoir City, Tn 37771

M-F 8:30am to 5pm
Emergency number: 865-986-0020