Author: Ben Turner

  • a long explanation of why we don’t do VW/Audi keys. . or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

      Around once a month, some poor soul will cross our threshold, VW key in hand, with a simple request: can they have a spare key made? And time after time we break their hearts and send them away with nothing but the old worn-out key they walked in with (and unsolicited advice to buy […]

  • So what exactly does a locksmith do?

    I’ll admit I have a pretty lousy “elevator speech”. Why? Because I do a lot of different things, not all of which can be explained (at least by me) in 90 seconds. Most of the time when someone asks me what I do and I say “I’m a locksmith”, they immediately jump into a story […]

  • It’s HOW much for a key? But I only paid $xxx for the car!!

    Like most retail businesses, we sometimes get customers that are flabbergasted by the price of things; like a spare key for their car. Most of the time it’s someone who bought an older car that still has an electronic key, whereas whatever vehicle it replaced did not, and they’ve been used to paying $2-3 for […]