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Lock Medic was founded in 2003 by Ben Turner with a beat up ambulance as a service truck and a bunch of junk he bought from the next of kin of a deceased locksmith in Missouri. Maria Moore came along in 2004 and has been with the company ever since. At this point we’d probably have to burn the place down to get her to leave. Others have come and gone over the years. . we were 6 before the crash of 2008. These are the die hards, the hold-outs, the keepers of the flame. . . the last scions.
Founder Ben Turner
Ben Turner is a first generation locksmith who thought this would be a cool job to pay his way through college while working on a degree in journalism. The excitement of a day job that involved getting paid to break into stuff eventually eclipsed the tedium of academia, so he put his scholarly dreams on hold in lieu of a blue collar career. What little bit of college knowledge got stuck in his head is now utilized writing content for this website and annoying people on various automotive and aircraft forums. He is a father of one small human and responsible for the well being of a handful of dogs and cats and a few random Subarus owned by family and friends.
He holds a CRL endorsement with ALOA and is a couple of frustrating electives away from CPL, and gives a check to the National Safeman’s Organization when they ask so he can claim to be a member. He is an accredited instructor for Tennessee’s Locksmith Licensing program and teaches a laughable 12-hour course on wafer lock reading, complete with PowerPoint slides. He’s also a licensed private pilot and makes a decent omelette. His favorite color is red and his measurements are 44/34/36 (chest/waist/inseam).


Maria Moore
Maria Moore is also a first generation locksmith and both of her kids had enough sense to get degrees doing other things. She decided working at Home Depot and Advance Auto parts were not frustrating enough so she came to work at Lock Medic in 2004 for a little extra excitement. On numerous occasions she has threatened to go back to work at McDonald’s, but we know it’s mostly an empty threat. She spends her free time being a gym rat, finding paleo recipes that don’t taste like warmed over dirt, and occasionally painting and talking her friends or her boss off the ledge when they find themselves in an emotional panic. She is as indispensable as she is ornery, and makes some pretty delicious cookies when her mommy mode kicks in.



Elvis (L) and Allie (R)
Elvis (L) and Allie (R)
Elvis and Allie are the shop dogs and part-time furbabies to Maria, who lets them run her life when Ben does something silly like goes out of town. They are sometimes shy, sometimes barky, but seem to recognize doggie people when they visit. They allegedly live with Ben but at this point it’s anyone’s guess where they consider home.
Over 13 Years in Business. Serving Loudon and Monroe Counties in Tennessee.

Lock Medic is located at 123 West Broadway Street in Lenoir City, TN. Our hours are 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Call us at 865-986-0020.

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The Lock Medic Team

Ben Turner
General Manager

Ben Turner is the founder and general manager of Lock Medic and owner of Elvis the dog and Allie the dog.

Office Manager

Maria is the office manager and chief dog walker. When you call, chances are you'll be talking to her.

Office Dog

Elvis loves greeting customer and getting tummy rubs. Not necessarily in that order.

Office Dog

Allie enjoys sleeping in her favorite chair in the back of the office and being left alone.

Lock Medic

123 W. Broadway St.
Lenoir City, Tn 37771

M-F 8:30am to 5pm
Emergency number: 865-986-0020